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iPhone Uckers App

Frequently Asked Questions

What devices support Uckers? Uckers is available on all apple phones and iPads. Due to the larger screen size, Uckers is best played on an iPad. Why does the Computer keep rolling sixes? Dice rolls in Uckers are randomly generated. While randomisation can never be perfect, it is a standard algorithm used in many applications. …

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The History Of Uckers

Uckers is a two-or four-player board game traditionally played in the Royal Navy and has spread to many of the other arms of the UK Armed Forces as well as Commonwealth Forces. It can now be found also in the Royal Marines, Army Air Corps, Royal Canadian Navy, Royal New Zealand Navy, Royal Australian Navy, …

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How To Play Uckers

Getting Started The Uckers app is a 2-player game played against a computer opponent. Each player plays with tokens or ‘bits’ of either red and yellow or green and blue. The aim is to move your bits clockwise around the board and onto the respective final squares before your opponent does. You’ll need a 6 …

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