What can you expect from Uckers.com?

We've listened to your feedback and will be prioritising the multiplayer experience. We want to avoid the frustration of players quitting before the end game or just timing out after hours of waiting. Multiplayer will be available from the moment we launch Uckers.com for Android and iOS but some other features like chat and friends will have to wait for a short while after launch.

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What’s happening to Uckers on iOS?

Hey there, things are moving fast over at Uckers.com. If that’s left you wondering what’s happening to the game you’ve been playing on iOS then read on! I’ll talk about why we’re building Uckers.com, what it means for you and how you can join the Uckers global community. Nearly 8 years ago I built the …

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Version 1.3.3 Now Available

A new version is out! Thanks to your valuable feedback, it includes these great features: WAFU rules are here – select Suck Backs and Blow Backs from settings. Play 2-player games on one device – turn off the computer player in settings and start a new game. Snake Eyes option added (rolling a double ‘1’ …

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My dice rolls aren’t random!

I’ve received a lot of feedback lately regarding the dice in Uckers. Sometimes it’s a feeling that too many 6s appear in a row or dare I say it, the computer is just a six throwing b******d! So let me dispel any myths here for you. All the dice rolls are random. I’ll say that …

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