Version 1.3.3 Now Available

A new version is out! Thanks to your valuable feedback, it includes these great features:

  • WAFU rules are here – select Suck Backs and Blow Backs from settings.
  • Play 2-player games on one device – turn off the computer player in settings and start a new game.
  • Snake Eyes option added (rolling a double ‘1’ on first roll gets all bits out) – select in settings.
  • Numbers over blobs (iPhone only) make it easier to see how many bits are stacked on each square.
  • Accessible colours are available for those that find the reds and greens are hard to distinguish – select in settings.
  • New leaderboard available on game centre, scores will be uploaded automatically when logged in to game centre.
  • Improved home page design with links to the leaderboard, game rules and others.
  • Improvements to game scoring, more points are awarded for Eight Piecing your opponent.
  • Minor rule updates – if there is no possibility of moving, you will not get another go on a six or a double (unless the 3 doubles or 6 sixes rule is on).
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements to animations.
  • Feedback has been invaluable for deciding which features to add, have your say here