iPhone Uckers App

Frequently Asked Questions

What devices support Uckers?

Uckers is available on all apple phones and iPads. Due to the larger screen size, Uckers is best played on an iPad.

Why does the Computer keep rolling sixes?

Dice rolls in Uckers are randomly generated. While randomisation can never be perfect, it is a standard algorithm used in many applications. Because of this randomness, sometimes it will seem like either you or the computer will be rolling an unfairly large number of sixes – just like in the real game! To prove that the dice rolls are relatively even, you can see on the game stats screen exactly how many of each dice have been rolled.

Is there an Android version of the app?

The simple answer to this is No. It takes a significant amount of time to port an iOS app to Android so if this is important to you, please leave some feedback here

The app doesn’t have all the rules I usually play with, why not?

There are many, many variations of the rules of Uckers. If the rule you want isn’t there it’s probably because we’re not aware of it. Please let us know on the feedback page

How does the scoring system work?

Your score at the end of the game is 0 if you lose but if you win, it depends on a couple of things. Firstly, it takes into account how far round the board your opponent got. So an all bits in eight-pieceing would attract the maximum. Then the average time taken for each of your moves is taken into account. The longer you spend thinking and moving your bits, the more your score will be reduced by. Also the total number of moves it took to win is taken into account.